Vouch can be used to add video collection to a range of different Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Recruitment workflows. The following guide outlines how Vouch can be inserted as a step in the process.



Vouch offers an integration with the ATS platform, Lever, which is available for users on the Platform.

Using the Vouch for Lever integration, it is possible to send a video request to a candidate from within Lever and then view the responses back within the Platform.

Details on how to install and use the Lever integration are available here.

Other ATS

Vouch can be used for a range of other ATS platforms. The below information outlines how Vouch Requests can be distributed and viewed within some of these tools.

Sending a Request
Vouch Campaign Requests can be distributed in any support tool which supports the addition of URLs. In addition these URLs can have additional parameters added to ensure known information (such as Name, Email, etc) are pre-populated and attributed back to the right individual.

For information on what Campaign parameters are available, click here.

Review Responses
For this integration we are going to use Vouch as the Trigger for the Zap. To configure select Vouch from the App listing and then select Trigger type Retrieve new Vouches.


In the next screen, we will connect to the respective Vouch account we wish to Trigger this Zap. The following guide outlines how to complete this stage.


As we only want to send any fulfilment items to users who have completed a Vouch, in the next screen we will want to set the Status type to Completed.


The next step in the process is to select the respective ATS platform from the Zapier app directory and the most appropriate action for that platform.

Assuming that you want to add a link to the Vouch Response to the Application, Vouch recommends the following app + action combinations.

  • Crelate - Create Note
  • Greenhouse - Create Candidate Note
  • Recruitee - Add Note to Candidate
  • Zoho Recruit - Update Record

Once selected, you will need to authenticate with the respective app and then define how you would like the information from Vouch to be rendered back within the ATS tool.