Campaign Parameters

Vouch Campaign Requests support the ability for additional parameters (such as name, email, id or callback URL) to be passed in the Campaign URL string.

Some of the usecases where this feature can be used include:

  • Pre-populate respondent details on a Campaign request.
  • Passing a primary key or unique identifier through the recording flow
  • Redirecting a user to a specific page at the end of the submission process

The following guide outlines the supported parameters and how to implement some of the above usecases.


The parameters which can be added to a Campaign URL are:

emailEmail address of the respondent
nameName of the respondent
companyCompany the respondent works for
urlURL of the Company the respondent works for
idPrimary Key or Unique Identifier
callbackURL to send respondent to after submission

Added to a Campaign URL, the URL string looks like the following: {id} is the Campaign ID{id}?callback= Smith&[email protected]&company=Example Co&