Integrate Vouch Recorder

The following guide outlines the multiple ways in which was brand can integrate the Vouch Public Recorder into their existing workflows.

Recorder Embed

Recorder Embeds provides an opportunity for brands to collect authentic and engaging Video content on their website using the Vouch Public Recorder.

Vouch currently offers two different Embed types for it’s Recorder, these are:

For details on how to setup either of them click on the respective headings.

Both Embed types support Campaign Parameters.

Only the Button Embed can support Callback events

Callback URL

The Vouch Public Recorder is designed to support basic callbacks, allowing for organizations to integrate the video or screen capturing features within their third party applications.

Callbacks are an extension of the Campaign Parameters that the Recorder supports, and a designed for use cases where an organization wishes to send an end user to a site other than the Vouch Recorder at the end of completion of a recording.

Each of the parameters that an organization wishes to include can be appended to the URL string for the recorder in a structure similar to below:{RequestID}?callback={callback}&id={id}&name={name}&email={email}

The parameters which can be included in the string include:

callbackReturn Endpoint
idSession ID / Identifier / Primary Key
nameIndividual's Name (If already collected)
emailIndividual's Email (If already collected)
companyCompany Individual works for (if already collected)
urlCompany URL (if already collected)