Google Analytics 4

Vouch offers the ability for Pro Customers to send real time event data from the Vouch Public Recorder, Playlink and Embeds direct to their Google Analytics 4 account.

Through this feature, customers are able to build reports, goals and generate insights around the impact on Vouch relative to their other digital properties.

Setup Tracking

To setup Tracking within your Vouch account, simply navigate to the Brand and Appearance page located on the drop down navigation on Vouch.

From this page, scroll down to the heading Tracking section located on the page.


From here you simply need to add your Google Analytics 4 G-ID


Once Tracking has been setup, Vouch will send events based upon users completing key events within the Vouch Public Recorder, Vouch Playlink or Embeds.

These events can be viewed under Engagement > Events within the GA4 view.


The respective events that will be sent, and what they relate to are listed below.

Campaign Requests

Event NameDescription
vouch_request_viewedCampaign Request viewed
vouch_summary_viewedCampaign Summary page viewed
vouch_question_answeredCampaign question answered
vouch_request_submittedCampaign responses submitted
vouch_contactform_viewedContact page viewed
vouch_thankyou_viewedThank you page viewed

Embed / Playlink

Event NameDescription
vouch_viewedVideo Viewed

The provided event data includes key information such as the Vouch ID, Campaign ID, Campaign Name, Embed Type, Embed URL and more, allowing customers to create granular reporting within GA4, as well enrich their overall data collection.