Vouch offers a range of ways in which brands can share their collected Responses externally. Whether this is through embedding it on their website, adding it to a mobile application, or including it within an application like Canva, Confluence or Powerpoint.

One of the supported embedding methods Vouch offers is oEmbed. oEmbed is a web standard designed to allow embedding content from a website (in this case Vouch) into another page or service.

For services that support oEmbed, adding Vouch is now as simple as copying and pasting in a URL, as the below example on Canva shows:


How oEmbed works

oEmbed is a standard for embedding content from a third party service. For sites and services which support oEmbed, whenever a compatible Vouch URL is provided, the service will call Vouch for additional information around how it can render a native embed.

Supported Services

Not only services or Embeds within Vouch are compatible with oEmbed. Currently Vouch supports oEmbed on:

  • Playlink
  • Vouch Embed : Card
  • Vouch Embed : Dialogue
  • Vouch Embed : GIF
  • Vouch Embed : Dialogue
  • Vouch Embed : Inline Player
  • Vouch Embed : Dialogue

oEmbed endpoint

The Vouch oEmbed endpoint has the following structure.


The parameters for the endpoint are:

ParameterDescriptionExpected Value
oEmbedURLiFrame / oEmbed URL of EmbedURL
apikeyAPI Key specific to the Vouch space.61 character API Key
formatFormat TypeOne of: json, xml