Personalize your Vouch Embed

Vouch Embeds are designed to support both personalization and customization, with the Embed codes designed to allow brands the ability to dynamically changing parameters such as the VouchID.

To view a full list of the different parameters available on a Vouch Embed, click here.

The following guide outlines how brands can leverage personalisation tools to change what content is displayed to different audience types.

Personalise your Vouch Embed using Google Optimize

Google Optimize is an online split-testing tool that allows brands to to experiment different ways of delivering content on their website.

The following guide outlines how you can use the Personalization feature on Google Optimize, to dynamically change your Vouch Embed based upon different audiences.

Create New Experience
The first step in the process is to create a new experience within Optimize. Here we are going to select the Personalisation feature, however this process will also work for A/B Tests and Multi-variant Tests


Once the Experience editor has loaded, you can click the Make site changes button to start the process of creating a variant experience.


Optimize will now load a version of your website. Assuming you already have a Vouch Embed on the respective page, you can click on the Embed element and click to Edit HTML


This will load the Edit HTML editor, where you can then change any of the parameters relating to the Vouch (such as the VouchID). To view the full list of customizable parameters, click here.

An example of what you can do is change the VouchID to display a different Vouch Response, Playlist, Recording or Upload for a different audience.


Once you have made the changes you can then hit save and hit finish. Once you return to the Optimize editor, you can decide to whom you want this variant to display to.

Options you can pick include:

  • Page Targeting
  • Audience Targeting

Page Targeting allows you to define what URL rules need to be in place for the end user to see the variant. This could be appending something to the string based upon where the user was referred from (ie. If you want to display different Vouch responses for users coming from a CPC ad).

Audience Targeting offers the ability to specify a range of rules for the audience, including using Google Analytics or Google Ads audiences, leveraging UTM parameters or defining based upon characteristics like Geography, Technology, Device Type, etc.


Once you have defined your targeting, you can then you can schedule or start the personalization.

What’s Next