In order to interface with some of the core functionality, Vouch has exposed specific resources via a REST API. This gives developers a great deal of flexibility when integrating Vouch and opens up the doors to very exciting activations.

The Vouch REST API is only available for customers who have an Enterprise plan.

Base URL

The API is accessed using a base URL in the form:<resource>


All requests to the API are authenticated by providing your API key. The API key should be provided as an HTTP header named X-API-TOKEN.


curl -H "X-API-KEY: YOUR_API_KEY"<resource>

Your API Key can be found in your account on the the Developer page within your Vouch Account. The REST API is only available for customers with an Enterprise plan.

HTTP Method

The v1 API uses standard HTTP methods for indicating the action to take on a resource.

GETRetrieve a resource.
POSTCreate, modify or delete a resource.


All API requests and response bodies adhere to a common JSON format representing individual items and collections of items.


The API uses HTTP status codes to indicate an error has occurred while processing a request. There are four main error status codes used by the API:

401Invalid API Key
403The request could not be authenticated or the authenticated user is not authorized to access the requested resource.
404The requested resource does not exist.
422The request could not be processed, usually due to a missing or invalid parameter.
500Server Error